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I feel so unappreciated sometimes... I feel the ex wife says thank you but doesnt mean it... So when she says thank you I dont write back and say your welcome because she doesnt mean what she says... It really drives her crazy because she write back all these thank yous and I dont respond...
I do everything for her and our son and I just feel like I'm not appreciated at all... Last week I wanted him at 5 to have a movie night... Wll that day she wanted me to get him at 3 and I was busy cleaning up the house he hates the vacuum cleaner so its hard to clean with him here. Bcause I didnt get him when she wanted me too she wouldnt let him stay till 7:30... I ended up begging like a dog... I wrote her that I do everything for her and she wrote back whatever bring him later... That made me so angry and I tend to cry when I'm upset and during the movie tears were just runnin down my face... She brings out the worst in me... Tomorrow I'm picking him up from school and keeping him till 8 and thuursday I'll be picking him up from school and hes staying the night and I'm taking him to school. Shes going on a trip where she always says she never goes anywhere. In the last month shes been to atlanta and to miami and we have him every weekend... Sometimes she misses his football games to go on trips... I do all the practices and games and I keep him so she can go out with her married boyfriend... People say I'm crazy for keeping him all the time and she goes off on her merry way... I guess I am crazy to put up with her shit but if I didnt love our son I wouldnt do it... I agonize over this shit constantly why do I care so much? I'm always the one that people take advantage of I'm too nice. When I want something though or need something I'm told no or whatever...
I guess I'm a pawn in peoples plans... My family does this to me too... If I'm there its go get me this go get me that and wash these clothes why cant I say no? I hate being this way... How do I stop this craziness that goes in my veignes all the time... I bitch and complain about her constantly I hate this I'm sure my boyfriend gets tired of it too... I complain about her to him and I can tell hes aggravated at times over it... Plus she calls him and gripes about me... When I do nothing but good stuff for her... somedays I just want to say f**k it and be a bitoch but I dont because I'm a nice and caring person...
I also found out that shes back friends with the girl who really split us up... I feel betrayed because when we had our MOMENT with all that the crazy girl told all of us lies... The ex came in saying she was sorry and being nice and how she wasnt gonna talk to her anymore... and now their back friends I really feel betrayed by her going back and being friends with her... I'm really hurt by that...
How can I get this anger and feelings of betrayal out of me...?

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