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I swear I have got to be the most jelous woman ever... Why am I this way? I've never had a significant other who has been married before or has a child. I have a son also but hes much older 17. my bf his son is 8. His ex wife is around of course and I do like her but she makes me be very jelous hearted... I feel less than she is. I feel I have to look better than her. She gained weight when she stopped smoking and I was so elated. I pulled her out some of my bigger pants and just knowing she was bigger than me made me so happy...
So she sends me this little card about the hcg diet and she started losing weight so I had to lose too just to look good since she was starting. I was like in compatition with her. Well she lost 30 pds and is my size now a size 8 so now I feel so stressed that I'm not losing. But she did have to lose 30 pounds to get to where I am. While she was heavy I always tell my bf that I was bigger than her when she really had 30 pounds on me... It was in my head...
On our anniversarys she always is a bitch and our son showed me how she was saying "aniversary" in finger parenthasis being a biotch.
So I know shes jelous of me too and how he takes me places and holds my hands the son has told us what she says like how he never took her anywhere. my bf said anytime they went somewhere her parents would have to come. How is that supposed to be romantic... seriously...
I"m 10 years younger and very blonde and pretty shes not that attractive to me. and others have seen her pic and think shes not that attractive. SOOOOO why am I so jelous I hate it so bad.......
what makes me like this?

She also isnt as involved in the sports things I do with our son I say our son because I think of him as my own.. I take him to practice and do things with him. I throw the football with him. His dad works at night so a lot of times he cant be there. I keep him so she can go out with her boyfriend whos married. Anytime she needs me to take him to school or pick him up... I do all that, If it comes to if I wanna do something during the weekends she has a fit that she dont get to go no where. She goes out every thursday night he stays with me. we have him every weekend and if I wanna do something which I hardly do ever because I'm a home body. So if I ever do want to go out the first thing she says is I dont get to go anywhere. Shes going to some bike rally with her boyfriend and I needed her to stay 2 hours so I could get back to get him thats the first thing she said I dont get to go anywhere....  So instead of waiting shes letting the crazy lady up the road pick him up. This erks me so much... Its hard to deal with sometimes when if I want to take him somewhere she says no but as long as I'm home and shes wanting her boyfriend to come over its fine...... I hate being this way............ whats wrong with me?

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